New Library of Alexandria (volume 2)

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Gorgoneion head” (Caitlyn Eldridge, MSc Ancient Cultures, 2024)

Interested in recreating ancient art pieces into different mediums, Caitlyn is a recreating a gorgoneion head painted onto a vase into a cross stitch, while also explaining what and why the gorgoneion head was used for.

Siren Odyssey” (Felix Lee, MRes Classics, 2024)

A photo of Felix Lee
Felix Lee

Intrigued by the disturbing yet captivating character of the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey, Felix set out to create a painting which captures the tangled hold they have over Odysseus, who cannot resist hearing their ‘honeyed song’ (Od. 12). Felix created a watercolour painting which portrays the Sirens’ voices as abstract golden tendrils conjuring mangled bodies from Troy, to show the dangerous and haunting hold of their knowledge’s song on Odysseus’ memory as he and his crew sail past them.

A painting of the Sirens from the Odyssey
The Sirens

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