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The New Library of Alexandria is a creative colloquium founded by and created for postgraduate Classics students at the University of Glasgow. The group aims to create and engage in personal creative projects anchored in the ancient world. This allows its members to interact with history in new ways and expand their skill sets. Like its namesake, the New Library of Alexandria is a place where scholars of all backgrounds can come together, collaborate and support one another. Below you can find some of our projects! (More on the way!)

A photo of Miquel Andraca Vilar

“The Antonine Wall: Living at the Edge of the World” (Miquel Andraca Vilar, MSc Classics & Ancient History, 2024)

Through the development of a video game that shows in detail the life of a legionnaire on the Antonine Wall during different moments his life. Following the life of a Roman since joining legion, the player will take an active role in the choices of his character. Whether he decides to be reckless, virtuous or critical empire he serves will be up to the player.

“Petra: The Rose City Guidebook” (Christina Becker, MSc Ancient Cultures, 2024)

Petra is an incredible site with woefully little information available to the public. To rectify this situation for future travellers, Christina wrote and designed a guide that explains the main features of the site. This guide is thoroughly researched and includes her own photographs and some tips and tricks from her many visits to Petra.

“The Living Sun Disk: Reconstructing the Great Temple of the Aten in the Digital Age” (Elise Benton, MSc Classics & Ancient History, 2024)

Fascinated with the physical reconstruction of city Amarna and 3D work done by Digital Karnak project, Elise is attempting to make a 3D model of the Great Temple of the Aten. Made to scale and with well-researched hypothetical reliefs, she hopes to gain a better understanding of religious worship during the Amarna period and expand her skills in the digital humanities.

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