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Greek and Roman drama and performance

New Library of Alexandria (volume 3)

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“Dracchae” (Alice Mantese, MSc Classics & Ancient History, 2024) With their background in Theatre making and a love for the Classics, Alice decided to focus their project on the queer themes of Euripides’ Bacchae by readapting the play for a Drag-inspired performance, with the aim of making the story more accessible to a modern audience… Continue reading

The living tradition of Atellane comedy

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by Costas Panayotakis For some years now I have been conducting research on farcical and rather uncouth Latin comedies conventionally called “Atellane plays” (in Latin, fabulae Atellanae), the scripted incarnation of which is now known to us only through the “fragments” (or, more precisely, literary citations) of plays composed by the playwrights Novius, Pomponius, Mummius,… Continue reading

An exciting manuscript re-discovery in the field of Latin moral sayings

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Who says that working on Latin manuscripts and moral sayings is a dull pursuit? For about six years now I have been travelling to Italy, Germany, and France to gather information from several manuscripts so as to edit afresh an important collection of Latin one-line “sayings” or “proverbs” (sententiae or proverbia), which, despite its massive impact… Continue reading